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  • Testimonials

    Mia Sheridan, New York Times Best-Selling Author

    Working with Tina is not only effortless but she also makes the whole process so much fun. I feel perfectly comfortable leaving certain decisions in her capable hands-and she’s never let me down-but she’s also open to suggestions and creative direction.
    She’s the most conscientious person I’ve ever worked with, hands down, and I’ve ended up thrilled with the end product each and every time

    Mia Sheridan, New York Times Best-Selling Author

    L.D. Davis, New York Times Best-Selling Author

    My career as a writer was already far greater than I could’ve ever hoped for when I met Tina in 2013. When Tina revamped my book covers, however, I felt like a real author for the first time since I’d began this journey the previous year. My covers were not only beautiful, but they looked professional. To this day, her brilliant designs on my teasers and other promotional items bring me the same feelings of excitement, wonder, and gratitude that I’d had from the beginning. Although Tina always tries to fulfill my design needs and wants, her honesty and critical eye have been essential to every final product and deeply appreciated.

    L.D. Davis, New York Times Best-Selling Author